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Greek families gain new entertainment channels on FreeviewHD

• HellenicTV from Vision TV Network available on Freeview Channel 110 • Drama, news, documentaries, sport, music and cinema broadcast live from Greece
UK(3/7/2012) -

Greek speaking residents in the UK can now watch twelve new television channels in the comfort of the living room by accessing the Vision TV Network. The HellenicTV package of 13 channels accessible through Freeview channel 110 delivers a full range of Greek entertainment, drama, news, documentaries, sport, music and cinema, originating from London, Greece and Cyprus.

To access these new channels, viewers require either the latest FreeviewHD enabled television set or a set top box which supports Vision247’s online video platform. Connecting the box or television to the internet through a broadband router or home hub device enables Vision TV Network to stream the television channels to your TV set, bringing the experience of watching Greek television to any UK household.

Once connected, Greek speaking viewers clicking to Vision247’s own channel, Vision TV Network, can view HTV WNN, RIKSat and ERT WORLD free of charge. Or they can subscribe to the full HellenicTV package of premium channels which can be easily navigated with the remote control. Subscription to HellenicTV gains viewers access to: news, Greek/Cypriot films, and TV series on THΛEAΣTY, HellenicTV 1 and 2; comedies, dramas, news, and entertainment on RIK Sat & Mega; SIGMA for children’s shows, sports, news and movies; 24/7 music videos on NRG music, HTV music and MAD; plus live proceedings of the Greek parliament on BOYΛH; and news, documentary and religious programming in 4e. 

Select a channel to watch live, or catch up on previous programmes on demand. Digital interactivity also means that future channels and services can support live voting, viewer comments and purchases, all with a few clicks of the remote.

John Mills, CEO of Vision247, said: “For the first time we can provide live broadcast over the internet and onto FreeviewHD televisions for the Greek community in the UK. Bringing original broadcasting from Greece into the home is a great way to bring families together and maintain their cultural ties, no matter where they now live.”

Find HellenicTV on the Vision TV Network on the FreeviewHD EPG (electronic programme guide) Channel 110. Older devices, non-compliant or FreeviewHD devices not connected to the internet will receive on screen tips advising viewers on what to do in order to view the new internet delivered channels. 

Details of the content of each channel can be found on the Hellenic TV site in English or in Greek.

Visit Vision TV Network for more information on subscriptions and how to get connected.

Like us on http://www.facebook.com/visiontvnetwork or follow us on Twitter @HELLENICTV


About Vision International TV Network

The UK’s first dedicated international language network of channels available via internet connected FreeviewHD. Located on Channel 110 (a FreeviewHD digital interactive channel), Vision International TV Network currently provides viewers with access to packages of live simulcast and time delayed broadcast, video on demand, and interactive services. Packages include Polska Plus, Hellenic, TeleFrance and TeleTurk. Further international languages packages will launch throughout 2012. Packages can include premium subscription and free to air content. www.visiontvnetwork.co.uk

About Vision247

First to market in the provision of functional internet delivered broadcast, Vision247 provides a complete solution to clients wanting to create compelling TV and video services for connected audiences worldwide. The Vision IPTV platform can be customised for clients and supports all current commercial models from subscription, pay-as-you-go to PPV and advertiser funded. www.vision247.tv


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