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January 31, 2013

Featured Articles
BBC iPlayer Breaks Own Records as Viewing Shifts to Tablets
iPlayer had a standout year, thanks in part to new features like the ability to download programmes for offline viewing.
Adobe Primetime Lets Broadcasters Monetize Live Video
An Adobe evangelist led a Streaming Media Europe session on the monetization options Primetime offers live video publishers.
Featured News
Perform's ePlayer Gaining Sports Content from Sky Deutschland
Already a leading source for sports VOD content in Germany and Austria, this agreement brings more premium content to viewers.
Blinkx and Dailymotion Forge Revenue-Sharing Agreement
The deal embeds Dailymotion content into Blinkx pages, while bringing ad revenues to both sites.
Industry News
KartinaTV, an IPTV broadcaster for Russian-speaking audience outside of Russia, today announced a collaboration with Comigo, the creator of a feature-rich smart TV platform.
Video Specialist to Provide Back-End Encoding for Streaming Live Events
IPTV & DVB Headends for Encoding, Decoding, Transcoding, Contribution and Playout
Streamstar, the Slovakia-based manufacturer of the Webcast portable and compact video encoding line of products for the broadband video industry, announced today an integration with Octoshape.
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