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Deutsche Telekom Creates Tools for New Online Video Challenges
To respond to the needs of its enterprise and media customers, Deutsche Telekom looks far into the future.

[Note: This sponsored interview was recorded at Streaming Forum 2013.] 

Deutsche Telekom is looking to the problems enterprise and media companies will face in online video tomorrow, and creating solutions today. At the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, we spoke with Karim El-Khazen, vice president of business development and innovation for Deutsche Telekom, who compared his forward-thinking division to something out of 007 films.

"We are the Q division, like in James Bond movies," El-Khazen said. "We are rethinking the way to do wholesale. We are coming up with new ideas, new solutions. We are the one who are seeking and developing innovative services that enable cloud delivery models for people like carriers, enterprises, but also especially media companies, OTT players. We are driving the smart wholesale business, meaning we are supporting our core wholesale business while leveraging on OTT businesses, and we are providing the right weapons for our customers to face their new challenges."

If El-Khazen sounds like a secret agent, it's because he knows the importance of meeting high demands, and he knows the challenges of Deutsche Telekom's customers.

"We see several challenges that our wholesale customers are facing. The users want to be connected all the time, anywhere. They don't want to miss a goal when watching a football game. They want to access secure content, personalized content. They want to be getting all the things fast online, they don't want to wait when they are purchasing something online. And all of these challenges are reflecting on the needs of our customers," El-Khazen added.

For more on Deutsche Telekom's forward-thinking solutions, watch the full video below.