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TV App Maker 24i to Debut Video CMS, SmartOTT Backstage, at NAB
Designed to sit between consumer apps and backend video systems, this CMS can collect, enrich, and organize metadata for better personalization.
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The Amsterdam-based multiplatform app company 24i is branching out and has announced SmartOTT Backstage, a content management system (CMS) for streaming video providers. This CMS lives between the provider's backend library and front-end user-facing applications. Designed to store and enrich video collections, SmartOTT Backstage can organize video metadata, personalize viewer recommendations, and curate content. It works with all devices and regions, the company notes.

Because SmartOTT Backstage is a modular system, content providers are free to choose the components they need. Besides organizing video metadata, it can enrich that data, allowing for better recommendations and curation. It supports branding, letting content owners highlight a house style and branding elements across properties, and assists with creating new applications. Users are free to set permissions and customize roles within the application. The API connects it to any metadata source.

“We’re super exited to announce the launch of our leading-edge SmartOTT Backstage,” says Martijn Van Horssen, 24i's CEO. “We wanted to empower our customers to take full control over their content and curation with a comprehensive toolbox to manage data for each piece of content, enabling them to meet the demands from their viewers for a personalized service.”

24i will demonstrate SmartOTT Backstage at its South Hall booth during the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, later this month.

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