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TV 2 Spins off Vimond, Focuses on Multi-Screen Delivery
OTT delivery platform offers broadcasters a way to stream to viewers on any device.
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Scandinavian TV 2 has gotten so proficient with multi-screen over-the-top (OTT) delivery that it's now turned that technology into Vimond, a new company based in Bergen, Norway.

TV 2's experience in online TV distribution goes back to 2000 and has evolved rapidly through the years. Vimond's platform is already in use by Swedish TV4 and Finnish MTV3.

Vimond's platform lets those channels stream content to cell phones, iPads, tablets, gaming consoles, connected TVs, and connected Blu-Ray Players.

Already this year, Vimond has signed a major contract with Swedish C More Entertainment AB. C More operates Canal + in the Nordic countries and will now be using Vimond for online television distribution. Swedish TV4 owns C More, and has been using Vimond technology for years.

"Today we have an edge on the competition, primarily because we were early in the game. This has enabled us to accumulate substantial expertise and experience. Video streaming and interface design for online TV is becoming more complex. New screens and boxes create a need for adaptation of new video streams and new formats. As a result of our success in providing rapid and effective solutions, our product has become attractive to broadcasters. By extending the reach of the platform to new customers we strengthen the base on which to keep innovating. This is why we have decided to separate the technology from TV 2", says Helge Hoibraaten, CEO of Vimond Media Solutions.

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