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Simplestream Bundles NPAW Data Into its VOD-in-a-Box Product
Customers of Simplestream's white label product will get help analyzing, predicting, and improving viewer experiences thanks to NPAW analytics.
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Because streaming entertainment companies need detailed data about how customers are using their services, Simplestream announced it will include Nice People at Work (NPAW) analytics within its VOD-in-a-Box service, as well as other custom OTT creations.

Based in London, Simplestream sells VOD-in-a-Box as a white label product for the fast creation of new streaming video services. With it, the company says, customers can have new cross-platform offerings operating in two weeks. It supports iOS, Android, web browsers, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.

Customers using VOD-in-a-Box already have access to NPAW's Youbora suite of broadcaster video intelligence tools. The suite is designed to help OTTs, telcos, and media companies make proactive decisions that will reduce churn and improve content discovery. They also have access to the SmartTracking and SmartReports modules, which offer rich user metrics and segmented data. Later this year, customers will get access to the SmartUsers module to predict customer behavior, and the SmartSwitch module that lets providers improve viewer experience by switching between CDNs.

“After an intensive evaluation process, we have chosen NPAW as our data analytics partner,” says Lewis Arthur, COO for Simplestream. “As we and our customers mature we are often able to provide cutting-edge functionality by partnering with a best-of-breed technology provider. For data analytics the power and flexibility made NPAW the best choice for Simplestream and its clients. In particular, its unlimited filtering and segmenting of data was a key Youbora differentiator.”