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Rightster Launches Rightster Studios to Finance Online Content
Rightster will remove the bottleneck in online video creation by offering financing and strategic services.

The London-based company Rightster, which provides online video technology and services, has announced that it's launching Rightster Studios in order to finance original online programming.

The goal of Rightster Studios seems to be taking what Rightster offers larger clients, such as newspaper The Guardian, and applying it to content creators just starting out. Besides financing, Rightster Studios will offer strategy advice to improve distribution, marketing, and monetization for the programs.

Rightster Studios is starting out from the company's London facilities, but Rightster plans to quickly expand to New York City, Singapore, and Los Angeles.

The first Rightster Studios clients will be invited to take part this summer. The company intends to create an application process in October.

The risk involved in creating new online programming and the lack of financial backing creates a bottleneck in developing online content, says Charlie Muirhead, Rightster's founder and CEO. That stops new talent from finding an audience.

Rightster Studios is an attempt to solve that problem, continues Muirhead. Rightster will take some of the risk of creating programming, while offering expertise in raising revenue and growing an audience.

Rightster Studios will work with creators of all sizes, from independent producers to large news organizations.

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