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Freeview HD Homes to Gain VuTV This Fall
VuTV will offer A&E, Viacom, and Turner Broadcasting channels for a monthly fee.

The 20 million U.K. homes with Freeview are about to gain access to cable channels that include Comedy Central, MTV, CNN, History, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and more. VuTV, a new pay TV service, will debut on Freeview sometime this autumn. For a monthly fee -- which VuTV has not yet divulged -- subscribers will gain access to A&E, Viacom, and Turner Broadcasting cable channels.

VuTV content will be entirely streamed online, so nothing beyond an internet connection and a 2012 range Freeview HD TV or Freeview HD digital TV recorder is required. Subscribers will find VuTV on Freeview channel 238. VuTV promises a low monthly cost and no long-term contracts.

VuTV is a joint venture between Strategy & Technology, which specializes in interactive TVs, and Simplestream, a streaming solutions provider.

“We work with a wide range of broadcasters to stream their linear and on-demand TV to multiple devices," says Dan Finch, director of Simplestream. "The content owners we engaged with embraced the idea of targeting the Freeview HD market with their portfolio of channels. As the public get wiser to connecting up their TV’s, and the TV’s get smarter, it’s a great opportunity for channel providers to tap into the Freeview market and gain access to real-time viewing data of their channels that can be used to help shape their own marketing strategy.”

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