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Flumotion Streams Live Event in WebM
The company first to offer live streaming with Google's WebM format is now webcasting the first WebM event.

Flumotion's fast efforts seem to be paying off. The Barcelona-based streaming software company was the first to offer live HTTP WebM streaming only 48 hours after the new format was announced, and now it's presenting the first worldwide event streaming in WebM.

The event is the GUADEC developers conference, which is running from July 28 to 30 in the Hague, the Netherlands. WebM is a perfect fit, since the GUADEC conference is part of the open source movement. It's the biggest gathering of developers on the Gnome project, a desktop environment and graphical user interface used globally by businesses and governments.

"We are excited to see companies such as Flumotion...integrating the WebM format to stream live events to viewers around the world. It's a testament to the rapid innovation and end user benefit enabled by the open development of WebM that the format can already be implemented and used so widely," says Jim Bankoski, Google's codec engineering manager.

Interested viewers can see the live coverage on the Flumotion site. Note that you'll need a browser that supports the WebM format. The page offers links to download Opera and Firefox 4 beta browsers.

This year's GUADEC conference is focusing on developing products based on Gnome, demand for a work environment based on Gnome, and attracting talent to the open source movement. 

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