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42% of U.K. Viewers Would Switch for A La Carte TV Programming
Interest in a la carte pay TV services is lower in the U.K. than in the U.S. Australia, or Singapore, finds Irdeto.

A survey of global viewing preferences commissioned by media security and technology company Irdeto finds that interest in a la carte TV packages—where customers choose only the channels they want to watch—is high in the United States, with 58 percent saying they would switch to such a service, if offered. Viewers in the United Kingdom, however, were less enthusiastic, with only 42 percent saying they would switch for a la carte programming.

Of the U.K. residents who would switch, 77 percent said they don't want to pay for a lot of channels they don't watch, while 52 percent want more control over the channels they pay for. Of those surveyed who wouldn't switch, 44 percent said they enjoy having a variety of channels.

If a la carte programming comes to the U.K.—and no company has announced such a service—it had better come with significant savings: 25 percent said they wouldn't be willing to pay for such a service, 14 percent would pay £5 per month, 18 percent would pay £10 per month, and 19 percent would pay £20 per month. Only 11 percent would pay £50 or more per month. U.K. residents also showed little interest in paying more for upgraded broadband connections so they could stream high definition video.

Irdeto has created summaries of its findings for the U.K., U.S., Australia, and Singapore (no registration required).

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