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On2 to Announce New User-Generated Content Publishing Tool
Flix Publisher puts processing load on content creator's machine, easing the burden on websites.
Wed., Nov. 1, by Lisa Larson

Not satisfied with being behind the scenes, On2 is getting in on the user-generated content game as well, announcing a new product that streamlines user-generated Flash video publishing.

On2 Flix Publisher is a flexible new tool for site owners and developers that will streamline the process of accepting user-generated video content. It gives websites their own video processing backend, without having to develop a totally custom application. "This tool will foster targeted content," says Mike Savello, senior VP of Flash Business for On2, who adds that Flix Publisher will empower niche sites catering to specialized content to incorporate user-generated video.

The most distinct benefit to website owners is putting the processing load on the content creator’s local machine instead of the website’s servers. Bandwidth is also conserved, because the file that is uploaded to the site is already compressed in FLV or SWF format.

On2 Flix Publisher for Flash is totally browser-based, and it can convert content from virtually any source. "If it can be played by the user’s computer, we can encode it," says Savello. This includes WMV, ASF, Quicktime, MPEG-1, -2, -4, DV, 3gp, and even most webcams and capture cards.

When website owners license the Flix Publisher for their site, On2 can provide them with a customized version of the browser plug-in. Compression options, frame rate, upload URL, and even custom branding can be built in. APIs are provided so developers can customize their own versions as well. You can find more information and inquire about pricing at On2’s website.