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Adobe Looks at the Future of MPEG-DASH
At the Video Infrastructure Summit, Adobe talked about how it will support DASH moving forward, and what questions still remain.
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After some initial hesitancy on MPEG-DASH, Adobe is now onboard. At the recent Video Infrastructure Summit in London, Steve Allison, technical evangelist for strategic alliances at Adobe, gave insight in how Adobe will support DASH moving forward and what obstacles remain.

"Getting a player out there in sufficient numbers is the biggest problem," Allison said. "We have committed to MPEG-DASH. We're showing demos of it. Microsoft and us have said that we're going to share the same profiles... At the end of the day you have to have a player that's capable of doing these things. We will change our player technologies to support that, and our legacy stuff, as well. Frankly, that will help, because we do have a lot of people adopting our technology when we update it. I think that getting a player out there is the biggest issue. Getting a player on devices is an even bigger issue."

So Adobe, is behind DASH, but which standards will it support? That was still undecided.

"I don't think we've decided fully on that," Allison answered. "The MPEG-4 is probably the no-brainer route for us. TS, we're still weighing that up."

For more on application trends, watch the full panel discussion below.


Application Trends Panel: Providing Platforms for Content Delivery

Moderator: Tim Siglin, Co-Founder, Transitions Inc
Steve Allison, Technical Evangelist, Strategic Alliances, Adobe Systems
Tristan Leteurtre, CEO, Anevia
David Mallinson, Senior Technical Trainer, RealNetworks
Arjen Wagenaar, CTO, CodeShop
Alex Zambelli, Media Platform Evangelist, Developer & Platform Evangelism, Microsoft Corporation

A centrepiece of the annual event, this panel looks at the world through the eyes of the core server technology vendors and explores the demands that are being placed on them to reach ever-more complex end-user applications. This is a rare opportunity to see where these key vendors are diverging and converging on new technologies, and a look ahead to see what options may emerge in the next 12 months for application developers for all types of platforms.